The Girl Behind the Computer Screen

IRL Name: Nicole
Online Aliases: Lithium/Lithi, Pervert-chan, Reika, & Candeh
Age: 17
Likes: Scented candles, bunnies, zombies, political satire, sunflowers, fried rice, cute things, sexy things, bishounen, pop culture references & anything composed by Yoko Kanno.
Dislikes: MTV, Mary-sues, the menstruation cycle, spiders, chainletters and meatloaf.
Most beloved animanga fandoms: Gantz, Ghost in the Shell, One Piece, Claymore, Bleach, Azumanga Daioh, 20th Century Boys, Yotsubato, Alive: The Final Evolution, Nana, Samurai Champloo, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Uzumaki, Gyo, Parasyte, Historie, Gintama, Trigun, Chi's Sweet Home, Death Note, Lovely Complex, Gunslinger Girl, Eyeshield 21, and Paradise Kiss.