You are viewing version 3 of Affection. The above image is from a manga color spread from the series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. It features the Strawhats partying on a flying elephant. Badass. This happens to be one of my favorite colorspreads Oda has done. I loved the colorfulness of it (even though most of the colorspreads have color up the wazoo). The layout also looks very different from previous ones that I've done mostly because I've gotten better at design and coding in general. You can find the list of resources here. Viva One Piece!

Behind the Name

None of you will probably remember the former name of this collective. It used to be called Euonym ("an appropriate name for a person, place, or thing"). While it was an okay name, I never grew that fond of it as a name for a fanlisting collective, despite it being one of my favorite words. I can't change my Freehostia subdomain name so that's why it's still in the URL. Ah, well.

Upon choosing a new name, I wanted to to really go with something relating to 'love' because I'm a big cornball sometimes. I started tossing around ideas but most of them we're too cliche or already taken. Then I thought about using 'Amare' (to love in Latin) since I'm studying currently Latin, but ultimately didn't like the look of the word. Finally, 'affection' came to me and I realized it was the perfect adjective to describe what I feel for my fanlistings. And that's pretty much the story.

Previous Layouts