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Welcome, stranger to Affection; an ordinary fanlisting collective that is maintained by a girl named Nicole. This site houses fanlistings that have been approved by tfl.org and tafl.org. You can also find all the fanlistings that I have joined. The navigation is above and I hope you enjoy your browse at my little corner of the web.

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Affection currently houses 6 fanlistings, 0 upcoming, and 82 fans, with 0 waiting to be added. I have joined a total of 1068 fanlistings with 58 pending. The most recent fanlisting I joined is Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Benson, Olivia and Elliot Stabler.

Battlefield Instinct, the Madarame Ikkaku fanlisting Battlefield Instinct, the Madarame Ikkaku FL

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