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About Mr. Giraffe Lover

Here are the very basics of our loveable giraffe-man! Most of the information was obtained from One Piece Wiki.

Name: Kaku
Name Meaning: Angle (a reference to his famous nose) Nickname: Yamakaze ("Mountain Wind") (Water 7)
Age: 23 (chapter 325, page 16)
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: August 7 (Volume 43 SBS)
Affiliations: CP9, Galley-La (fired by Paulie)
Occupations: CP9 Assassin, Chief Mechanic of Galley-La Dock 1
Douriki (power level): 2200
Devil Fruit: Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe (Cow Cow Fruit, Model: Giraffe)
First Appearance: Chapter 323; Episode 230
Special Characteristics: Long square nose, always wears a cap, and uses the suffix "-ja" which is commonly used by old men.


  • Kaku's animal theme is the giraffe
  • He is one of the two only characters seen eating a devils fruit on screen that wasn't in a flashback
  • We have never seen Kaku without a cap on! Which is a shame, I bet he has cute hair underneath.
  • He's the only CP9 member to show some regret leaving Water 7.
  • He speaks using the Japanese suffix "-ja" which is commonley used by old men. This confuses Luffy and prompts him to ask how old Kaku is (chapter 325).
  • Many of the strawhats mistake Kaku for Ussop on account of their similar noses. Although, as Nami points out, Kaku's nose is square.
  • In fact, Kaku's unique nose is carried over in his giraffe/human form! (And he is made fun of because of this, LOL!)
  • As revieled in Volume 44 SBS, Kaku as a child liked to build model ships.
  • We are lead to believe that Kaku has curls under that hat of his ;)
  • Kaku is considered to be the second strongest CP9 Agent, following Rob Lucci by a difference of 1,800 Douriki.
  • Kaku is the one that woar the skull mask during the Water 7 arc.
  • Kaku's rivals are considered to be Jyabura and Roronoa Zoro.
  • During the CP9 Chapter Cover Mini Story, Kaku is seen in his full giraffe form acting as a slide to make money to pay for Lucci's operation.
  • His current attire consists of a beanie cap, striped polo shirt, and long dark pants.
  • He is the most prominent swordsman of CP9.
  • Kaku seems to enjoy figting as he is seen shouting, "This is fun!" during his encounter with Zoro in Enies Loby.
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